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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  October 12, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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bundle up. the cooler temperatures arrived but how low will the fall temperatures go? >> more metro closures are making for a difficult commute this morning. what you need to know if you are heading out for a commute. and what about the fall to the carolina panthers? good morning, welcome, everyby. i am barbara harrison. >> i am kimberly suitors in for joe krebs. our top story, the dropping
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temperatures. >> the chilly weather this morning probably reminded many of us that the summer is over. while it's cool here, it's actually freezing and snowing in other parts of the country right now. and there is no snow in our forecast yet, but you will still need to bundle up. tom kierein joins us with the forecast. >> it's feeling more like wintertime than certainly the fall. out in parts of the pacific northwest and rockies, only 18 degrees. north of there, montana, cut bank is down to 2 below 0. and minneapolis, st. paul, 32 degrees. denver at 30. and there is snow falling hear from nebraska, and into wisconsin and northern mish. this area of snow heading off to the north and east. to the south we have rain passing just to the south. and here we have a lot of
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cloudiness around. temperature is just 51 in washington, and it's to the 40s to t west and north. it's unusually cool for early october. now in chantilly, only 50 degrees. their low this morning was 46. it has warmed up 4 degrees. and norfolk is mild now. they are at 65. and now it's about 20 degrees cooler out of the mountains. scattered frost this morning in eastern parts of west virginia. and a lot of cloudiness is coming around and the system to the south. we may have rain in here tomorrow morning. between now and then we should stay dry. if you have the day off, it should stay dry for the out door activities for this afternoon. and a look at the rest of the week and the weekend, that will come up in a few minutes. >> maybe when you come back we
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can check the temperatures in miami beach and get inspired. >> they are in the 80s, there. and let's check on the roadways and see if there is traffic. i can tell you just having come in, roadwork is under way, and ere are hold ups on the roads? >> yes, indeed, there are. as a matter of fact, the beltway, the slowest traffic we have seen all day is right now, inner capital beltway. right there at the beginning of the exit ramp from the inner loop to 66, the left lane is blocked. there is a little congestion making the trip up. and then wilson bridge, not too bad there. bay bridge, eastbound, roadwork going on right now with one lane closed off. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. today friends and family will say good-bye to a local soldier killed in afghanistan. he was one of eight soldiers
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killed in a fierce battle last weekend. he was 21 years old. his body arrived this weekend where hundreds of people gathered to show their respect. a police escort took him to a funeral home where a private funeral will be held today. >> this is our opportunity as a community to reach out and extend a hand of understanding to the families that lost a loved one, not only here but in all places where the forces are fighting. >> mace will be laid to rest next week at arlington national cemetery. a budest temple went up in flames and officials are trying to figure out why. people in the congregation smelled smoke and had to evacuate. nobody was injured, but the building was damaged. and a d.c. officer is
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recovering after a struggle with a suspect. police say the man was on foot and the officer fritried to sto him. the officer hit his head or was struck in the head. drugs were found on that suspect, authorities say. and chevy chase is looking to spend $30,000 raised by speed cameras to buy tasers for the police force. they are looking for a less deadly option than a firearm. and fill andrews, a speed camera supporter, says the money raised by the speed camera should be fixed on fixing the problems it's supposed to address. and redskins fans are feeling down after another heartbreaking loss. they blew a 15-point lead. washington is 2 out of 3 for the
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year. the players are trying to stay positive. >> i wouldn't say we are running out of time. i would say, you know, next week's ball game is a huge game, you know, because it's the next game. >> yeah, we have time to get it corrected. but if we keep on letting it go the way we are going now, then we are going to run out of time. we need to make something happen sooner than later. >> next week's game is the chiefs who are still winless this season, and we hope they remain so. and among the questions now in the coming weeks, will jim zorn stay as head coach. there are reports that zorn may be out of a job soon, and tracee wilkins have the reaction to the not-so-surprising rumors. >> there are a lot of people talking, and talking during sunday's game, about zorn's
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future if they lost. and then one commentator said during the game it under minds the coach,nd that may be foreshadowing what is to come. with a 15-point lead in the third quarter, it looked like it would be another win for the washington redskins. and then another upset, to yet another team that could not beat anybody else. and fans came to their own conclusions. >> i think jason campbell is good. >> i think that we need to give campbell more time, and also possibly replace coach zorn. >> nothing new. you can't do anything right. it's the same thing over and over. >> reporter: the rumor is they are working on a new head coach, again. >> that's a good rumor.
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>> reporter: it has happened five times in the last 10 years since snyder owned the team. and there was one year in 2001 for one coach, and then another one from 2002 to 2003, and then the longest coach was 2003 to 2007, and jim zorn is one year and three games in. >> they fire their own people. plain and simple. >> i think they need to look to a more experienced coach. try to bring ourselves back out, and somebody more experienced. >> 2-3, and if you can't fire jim zorn right now, we are still in the playoff races. we have to look forward to the chiefs next week. >> there were reports that snyder may have been courting the shanahan for the head coach
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position, and nbc sports is reporting that shanahan said he is not interesting in any head coaching jobs this football season anyway. back to you. >> tracee, thank you. we are following breaking news out of the district now. one person is in the hospital right now after being pulled out of a burning apartment building. firefighters were called to the building in the 2300 block of 40th place northwest. they found smoke and flames inside the building and discovered a victim. we will bring you details as they become available to us. the time is nine minutes after 11:00. and getting around the city. >> plus, marching for equality. the message that thousands of ga rights activist and supporters @@@ó@@@
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it's columbus day, but metro is not taking the day off, it's doing track work. so the archive station is closed until tomorrow morning. and tngs could get dicey on the green line because there is no green line service between navy yard and gallery place. and megan mcgrath joins us fro the archive metro station with how to get around these closures. >> today is a federal holiday,
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so many people have the day off. metro decided to take the long holiday weekend and do track work, and that has meant station closures. cones and metal gates block the memorial station. the station is closed today, and so is the waterfront station in southwest. and it led to a bit of confusion for some this morning. >> just got off the step, and i am looking at this and trying to figure out how i will get to the blue line. do you know? >> the stations have been closed all weekend for track maintenance work and will not reopen until tuesday. the construction also means no green line service at laum paw plaza. not everybody had the day off. this woman was trying to get to a job interview. >> i have been on the train for an hour and 15 minutes trying to get here, so i had to change three times, and wait for a shuttle. it has been a disast. >> and you are going to a job interview?
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>> yeah, i got laid off last week and this is my first interview lined up. >> the yellow line was rerouted to follow the blue line between the pentagon and arm restadium stops, but logistics added time to travel this day. >> i had to get on a bus to get to the station and then i get to the station, and i have to get off at archives, but then i have to get off at navy and get on another bus to get there. >> let's take a look at the stations affected. the waterfront and the archive navy memorial stations, both are closed today. and keep in mind, no green line service at the plaza, no green line service. this will be the case throughout the day. if everything goes as planned, they will complete the work later this evening and will reopen in time for rush hour tomorrow. back to you, barbara. >> were you able to help that
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guy get to the blue line? >> reporter: you know, i am embarrassed to say that i did not know. i did fumbling. but to recap the answer for him, hopefully we helped him, yeah. >> i am glad we were able to help him out. thank you, megan. metro rail is running on a saturday schedule today. prtc, omni ride is on a modified schedule, and however, metro bus is on a weekday, regular weekday schedule with the ride on and fairfax connector. >> keep your campaign promises. that's the message that gay and lesbian activist are sending to president obama, and screaming at him, too. tens of thousands of gay rights supporters marched from the white house to the capital yesterday. they are calling very loudly for the president to support gay marriage, and to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell
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policy. and lady gaga and scynthia nixo were among the supporters. >> obama, are you listening? we will continue to push you and your administration to bring your words of promise to a reality. >> organizers say this rally is just a start. they plan to put together a 50-state legislative out reach campaign in all congressional districts. now that we are all awake, lady gaga has our full attention now. >> let's talk about the weather. >> we can hear her fine. coming in loud and clear. the weather is not too clear this morning. we have had cloudiness around at this hour, and had much cooler weather moving in overnight after the dreamy sunday. it was delightful yesterday, a few high clouds around, and had a sun dog yesterday. i will show you that. andight now, there is the gray
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sky. and as we look at the view from the city camera, the gray sky over the washington monument. and welcome, we have a dry day under way. it has been a dry october, too. 53 in washington. so far only 300th of an inch of rain. that's 1/3 below average to date. and we will make up for that though in the next 48 hours or so. right now no rain showing up on radar. no precipitation. and it's a cool morning, still in the 40s, around the shenandoah valley. and we hit the low and mid-50s at the blue ridge. under the cloud cover here around washington and fairfax and arlington counties, and it's only 50 and will climb only a few more degrees as we get into the afternoon. and chantilly, their morning low
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was 46. and elsewhere around the enabled network, we had our temperatures holding steady in the 40s to near 50. eastern shores are near 50. out in western maryland, there was a frost this morning. and as we take a look at our view from space over the last six hours we are seeing quite a bit of cloudiness coming in from a rain system to the south, and getting light rain in western and southern north carolina linea. and this first batch will pass near richmond over the next couple hours. here is the sun dog in the sky. there is a reflection of the sun. the sun here, and ice crystals in front of the sun creating an effect which is cast on another deck of clouds to the right, and it creates a nice prism rainbow in the sky. and i took those photos yesterday. and as we take a look at what
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has been happening over the last 12 hours. here is rain in the tennessee valley. and some heavy downpours. and most of the moisture will pass to the south today. but we may get some moisture passing through tomorrow morning, the high pressure to the north giving us a cool flow coming in off of the east and northeast. going forward over the next 48 hours, we see the colors where we could get showers. by tomorrow morning, perhaps a few sprinkles here and passing to the north. and then we will get sunshine back, and as we get into once in the morning there is sun, but three then another area of rain that will move in wednesday night. so the rest of the afternoon, enjoy the day off as it should stay dry. we should have a north and east and southeast flow. and then overnight tonight, cloudy and the 50s through the evening, and a small chance of a few sprinkles as we get back to work and school tomorrow morning. and then mild into the 60s tomorrow afternoon, and then that will be the end of it for a
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while, because cooler air coming in on wednesday and thursday, and then we could get showers wednesday night off and on on thursday, and then near 50 on thursday and friday. more rain on friday, maybe, too. and the average high this year is upper 60s, so we are feeling effects of the upper midwest where it's looking more like christmas than columbus day. >> yeah, to see snow in the denver area was a real shocker. >> yeah, yeah, they had to postpone the baseball game. >> we will see our temperatures drop as you just told us in the next few days. it will feel like fall. >> thank you, tom. let's head out to throads with jerry edwards. >> now you know why i moved. here is the outer loop moving along nicely. signs on the side of the roadway indicating uneven pavement, and
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i promise you some day they will finish that. that's what they are promising us. and heading for downtown, looks good. 395 northbound and southbound over the 14th street bridges, nothing to worry about. light volume of traffic at this hour. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. an elderly man close to celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary is dead this morning. he was struck and killed by somebody that was learning to drive. it happened in the 2800 block of scott drive in arlington just after 6:00 saturday evening. police say a 21-year-old woman was learning to drive in a parking lot when she suddenly lost control of her truck. investigators say she went over an embankment and struck the man. he was walking a relative's dog. the truck ended up slamming into a house. and police say the accident should never have happened. >> i think you ought to be somewhere wheret's not around parks to learn how to drive. you ought to be out in the country. >> police say the woman and her
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passenger did stay at the scene. so far no charges have been filed. >> most speed bumps are meant to slow things down, but one sweep bump is powering things up. this is a high-tech device that generates power outside the four seasons hotel. the speed bump captures energy and then uses it. >> the motion powered device is a harvesting device where we take the excess energy that is found in slowing vehicles, whether they are cars or trucks, and convert that into usable electrical energy for the customers that buy this solution. >> if they could harvest the power of the 250 million cars on american roads, they could make enough energy to light up half a million homes. ingenious. >> incredible.
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interesting. coming up, new music from the king of pop. ♪ it was released hours ago and already is being heard around the world. we will have more on this coming up. plus, mayhem inside a restaurant after an unexpected customer decides to cruise through. >> and then here is what is hot on b=
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♪ ♪ ♪ here i sta ♪ i'm the light of the world ♪ i feel grand >> the king of pop is living on through his music. this is a new michael jackson song that debuted over the internet overnight. and this was the song called "this is it." it's beginning to look a little like christmas in new york city. temperatures were in the 60s yesterday in new york, hundreds of people came out to enjoy the experience. the rink sits outside the nbc
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news head couquarters and will remain open through april. the bernie madoff mask is among the hottest costumes this year. he is serving a sentence, but thousands of mini madoffs will be out there scaring up neighborhoods on october 31st. you may get a knock on your door from somebody looking for streets for her eight new babies. the octomom costume is a big hit this year. and in case you don't see enough -- oh, my goodness. look at the hair. that's awesome. and maybe you will see kate goslin at your front door. you can't miss the spike in the back. the kate goslin wig is also selling like hot cakes. >> isn't that the real kate goslin in that picture? >> that's good.
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maybe it's just the wig. the face doesn't come with it. that hair cut is still a total mystery to me. >> yeah, it's different. >> this next story is proof that bad matters can ruin a meal. look at this. a deer crashing a restaurant in michigan yesterday. he broke in through a window. he gave diner as rude disruption during the lunch, and sent a waitress running for safety. he did not stop to eat and dashed through the dining room and through the front door, and it was just a matter of seconds. no word on where he went or where he came from, for that matter. >> good thing he did not go through the glass. he opened the door. still ahead, protecting people against the swine flu. when you finally may be able to get your shot. it's fall, but in some places it's feeling and looking a lot like winter. find out where people are clearing away snow today. plus, while redskins fans deal with another loss, hear how
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the players and coaches are de
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here is a look at the stories we are following right now on "news4 midday." a virginia soldier killed in afghanistan is being remembere this morning. a funeral will be held for him. his body was returned to leesburg where hundreds of people came to say thank you. most had never met the 21-year-old. he died last weekend in a fierce
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battle with several others. metro is doing track work for columbus day. it means the waterfront and archive stations are closed until tomorrow morning. there is no yellow line service. more misery for redskins fans. they lost to the carolina panthers. the skins are 2-3, with two victories coming against winless teams. and the next game is against the chiefs, who have yet to win a game this season either. and now the health department released a vaccination timetable. health care workers are getting the vaccine right now. later in the week pregnant women will have their turn. and next week, people who care for babies will get the vaccine, and so will people 24 and under. older adults with underlying
11:33 am
conditions will get the vaccines the next week, and then a free for all after november 16th. the first swine flu shots are due to reach the public despite shortages in some states. health officials are trying to assure the public vaccines are coming and are safe. >> reporter: lauren casey made sure her two sons got swine flu evacuavaccinations early. >> we are expecting our third baby in the next couple weeks, and we wanted to try and keep everything healthy. >> roll out of the n vaccine began. ohio governor urged patience. >> let me take a moment to remind everybody. the vaccine distribution will
11:34 am
speed up as more manufacturers make the product available. >> reporter: health officials continue to insist the vaccine is safe. >> risk of influenza including risks from that are a lot higher than getting the vaccines. >> reporter: in new mexico, one elementary school notified parents by home it hit close to home. >> we are saddened to nfr you that a child has passed away. >> reporter: for those that have gotten neither the swine flu or seasonal flu vaccine wonder which should come first. theris a warning. people that want nasal spray versions of both vaccines should wait three weeks between the first one and the second one. if you want the shot version, they are safe to get them on the same day. health officials say only 5% to
11:35 am
10% of people have been exposed to the virus, and flu season has another seven months to go. meanwhile, demand is high for the seasonal flu shot. so many people are running out to get it that cvs and walgreen's are reported shortages. well, it's only columbus day, but in many parts of the country it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. a frigid cold is gripping the nation. in minneapolis, flow flurries are already flowing, and there could be more accumulation today. >> reporter: for drivers near colorado springs, it sure doesn't look like october. a dangerous mix of rain and snow caused a 60-vehicle pileup over the weekend. >> vehicles were bouncing back and fourth across the road, and
11:36 am
360s. it was scary. >> reporter: this tractor trailer jackknifed to leave the cows to fend for themselves on the side of 65. >> please slow down and take time to be caution and get there in one piece. >> reporter: for fedex, there was no overnight delivery after packages were thrown across the highway. temperatures in chicago already hit the 20s. some skiers already hit the slopes. love land ski center had it's earliest opening day in 40 years. and in denver, the playoff game between the rockies and the phillies was called because of snow saturday. when they finally played sunday night, it was not much better. temperatures were below freezing. in omaha, they were throwing snow balls and taking it all in stride. >> that was john yang reporting.
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in lubbock, texas, it was 43 degrees. today the high could hit 78. it's the up and down we often feel this time of year. >> it feels colder in here looking at the video. >> tom, do you want to tell us when we are going to get some of the weather? >> we are feeling the effects of that with the chill we have had around this morning. fall is a battle between summer and winter, and we got to 85 degrees on saturday. that was showing that summer was trying to winter out. well, winter is winning out elsewhere. as we look at the sky cloudy, and it's only 53 in washington, the average high this time of year is in the upper 60s. we are not going to make that today, only in the 40s, just to the west and north. low to d-s, south and east. northern montgomery county, germantown at 52 with a morning low of 42. thei monthly rain over 1/10 of an inch. and it's feeling seasonable in
11:38 am
south carolina, and then locations in maryland had a frost. right now getting rain in southwestern virginia. might have rain arriving here late tonight after midnight. between now and then, the rest of the columbus day, dry but cloudy and cool, with highs in the upper 50s near 60, and maybe a passing light shower around in the 40s. and then it should be getting a bit milder into the 60s. but then we will feel some of the western chill here with highs only near 50 on wednesday and thursday, increasing clouds on wednesday, and maybe rain wednesday night, off and on as well as on thursday and friday, and maybe lingering showers over the weekend. that's the way it looks right now, barbara and kimbly? >> 85, and then we flip to 58 today. interesting. a final check of the midday traffic now. >> jerry edwards has the latest conditions. ladies, we found roadwork to talk about. 395 northbound, right on the inbound 14th street bridge.
11:39 am
far right lane taken away. not much in the way of a backup whatsoever. and moving along well as long as everybody merges over. no big back up. and wilson bridge, keep in mind there was a little bit of construction at the enter loop approaching i-66. we are looking good other than that. it was another whoaful effort for the redskins. they lost to a team that had not won until yesterday. there is more from charlotte. >> reporter: even the new set of eyes could not have seen this coming. the redskins blow a 15 point third quarter lead, and win to a winless team yet again. they fall to 2-3 on the season. things did start well early, though. heinz worth recovered a fumble
11:40 am
in the first part of the game, and then campbell hits portis, and portis dives into the end zone to give the redskins the lead. and then stewart darted in for the go ahead touchdown after the two-pot conversion. carolina leads the game 20-17. that was the final. the frustration is brewing with the skins. >> what is going through your head right now? >> i don't know, man. it's one of those situations. you know what i am saying. i am so angry and frustrated, i don't want to say the wrong thing. i don't want to say nothing at all. i don't have the clue. it's like groundhog day, you see it ever week. you have to find a way. >> we lose to carolina on the road. and especially this one stings more, because we were up 17-2. we have to find a way to fight. we will not give up and we will keep hope and keep pushing.
11:41 am
>> it's trust rating. like i said last week, we have to come together and find ourselves. i thought we played well, but we did not finish the ball game. >> do you feel like you are running out of time, though? >> no, not at all. we have a lot of time to get it corrected. if we keep letting it go the way we are now, we will run out of time. we need to make something happen sooner than later. >> next up, the 0-5, kansas city chiefs. the question is will jim zorn be the head coach. there is rumor the head coaching job has been offered to shanahan, not once but twice, once during the offseason and once during the regular season. the soap opera continues at the redskins park this weekend. the time is 11:41. still ahead, this is no tall tale. >> why
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if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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and get a cold. yoneed cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hbp has a heart, right on the box. it's the only cold brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. powerful cold medicine with a heart. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. it's time to check on today's business news. >> let's go to cnbc's mary thompson. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, kimberly and barbara. the dow jones industrial average is flirting with the 10000 level once again. and commodity stocks continued
11:45 am
weakness. and also giving a boot to the markets on this columbus day, positive early indicators for the earning season. alcoa kicked things off last week with better than expected results. and adding news from tool maker black & decker, it upped the third quarter out look thanks to a lower tax rate. and it's not all good news, home builder kb homes under pressure. and over on the nasdaq, digital rivers down dramatically on security firm symantec. and all the real action picks up later this week, on the earnings and the economic front. starting on wednesday, traders are going to be digest key economic reports, including the numbers for september's retail sales as well as industrial production. those are some of the things we
11:46 am
will watch later this week. right now we are keeping the eye on the dow's 10000 mark right now, and as we stand 92 points below that level. does a modern day gold rush look like the ounce price is on a all-time high. and now some are rethinking parting ways with their gold. >> most people hold on to gold until they absolutely need the money to make a mortgage payment or house payment, or something like that. >> if you are looking for where to cash in, first find out for yourself what the going rate for gold is. be aware the price can fluctuate hour to hour and day-to-day. get price quotes in writing and compare. in news for your health this morning, it's no tall tale. >> according to new studies,ur height can tell us what diseases
11:47 am
we are more susceptible to. >> walk around, you will see all shapes, sizes, heights. some are proud. >> i think i am a great height. i love 5'7". >> others not so much. >> i would give anything to be taller. >> i am the shortest sibling in my family at 6'7". >> the doctor sat down to talk about statistical studies. >> there is an increase of 6% for every four inches above the average height for men. for example, for women, breast cancer increases 11% for every two inches above the average height for a woman. the average man is 5'9" and the average woman, 5'4". typically shorter people are at a greater risk for heart disease and diabetes and osteoarthritis.
11:48 am
and taller people can have a certain risk for certain canners, like breast and colon. >> he is at risk for cancer, and she ist risk for osteoarthritis. the time is 11:48. more news for midday after the break, including a check on the forecast with meteorologist, tom kierein. and
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if you are going to catch a movie today, the relationship comedy, "couples retreat" landed at the top of the box office this weekend. it brought in $33.3 million during its debut. and "zombie land" slipped to second place. and rounding up the top three, the animated comedy, "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." and now, we have our guest. it's always great to have you here. you have an anniversary coming up? >> yes, the aiversary party next week. we will talk about the special guest, the fashion photographer. his name is scott shoeman, but
11:52 am
most people know him because he made a name for himself by going around cities all over the world and taking pictures of fashable people that he passes on the streets. you can take style and inspiration. two girls, and very simple and clean, and not a lot of fussiness. >> does he look for people that looks well dressed, or does he just take pictures? >> no, he takes pictures that are well dressed. and he looks for people that are relatable. and you look at her, somebody very stylish, and very sheik. she could be anyone of us, and that's what he is looking for. >> how does she choose the people he is looking for, and i know they are supposed to be natural. >> yeah, i imagine this was taken during fashion week, probably in the studio, or in a fashion week venue, very dark
11:53 am
there. most of the time he just really walks around with his camera, and sees somebody that he loves, he loves the way they look and he shoots them. he has gotten everybody from elderly grand mother, with the chanel kind of retro look, to kids funking it up a bit. >> how did you find him? you featured him before? >> yeah, we have. we featured him in our fall issue. he is a global phenomenon. he has tens of thousands of blog readers every day. and tayloriiloring is one of th things he brought to the forefront of style. and this is a guy that has a cut suit and with a little tailoring or jacket, and even a cheap version could be made to look ten times as expensive. >> he is making fashion. >> some people -- well, he was one of "time" influential
11:54 am
people. >> rabbit ears? >>yeah, this is one of the funky trends that mark jacobs helped to perpetuate at louis vuitton this year. and he has taken it one step further with the rabbit ears. this is somebody walking down the street. you know, she could be going to work or doing something else. he looks polished and put together. and then she adds her personal twist to it. >> we will watch for him again. >> yeah, well you will see him here in d.c. next week, next monday he will be in town. everybody look your best because he will wonder around the city looking for fashionable people. let's send it over to jim to find out about stories in the works for this afternoon.
11:55 am
busy aernoon coming up at 4:00 and 5:00. weight watching made easy. did you know an apple aday with do more than keep the doctor away. simple tips for diet and toning. and then at fives, who has the best burrito bite. we put local restaurants to the taste test. for these stories and all the day's news, join us here. we are losing weight at 4:00, and then putting it back on with the burrito taste test at 5:00. >> you have us good and hungry right here as we head to noon. >> let's look at the forecast now. tom, getting hungry? >> yes, i am. we have clouds over capitol hill. the waters of the potomac reflecting the gray overcast on this columbus day, 2009. if you are fortunate enough to have the day off, looks like a dry afternoon even with the clouds, and it's cooler an average. only 50 degrees around the region. eastern shore, they had more sun
11:56 am
there. and then out of the mountains, still chilly. only in the 40s. scattered frost there this morning. over the last six hours, cloudiness coming ahead of rain spreading in the area of southwest virginia. tomorrow morning we might have a passing sprinkle. for the rest of the afternoon, mostly cloudy and cool with a light wind out of the southeast. highs in the upper 50s. that's about 10 degrees cooler than average for this time of year. overnight tonight, will it be down in the 50s. sunset will be at 6:34. we may have a few sprinkles around, otherwise a cloudy start to tuesday and in the upper 40s. and then sunshine breaking out in the afternoon should gets up in the 60s. it will be short lived. another blast of cool air coming in. the coolest of the season so far it looks like for wednesday and thursday. morning lows near 40. afternoon highs near 50. increasing clouds wednesday. might get showers wednesday night and off and on on thursday
11:57 am
and then again on friday. both days near 50. still chilly and damp on saturday. that's the way it looks. see you tomorrow morning. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you, tom. they say most athletes should call it a career -- or some people say this, when they hit 40. but they never heard of ruth frist. she is being called the world's oldest female athlete. ruth did not just win yesterday, she broke a world record. what is her advice for others? >> try. just try. they could be surprised. >> ruth is the only person competing in the bracket of 100 to 104-year-olds. about 28,000 athletes competed in the world masters this year. >> that looked comfortable. >> any way to keep goin >> what an inspiration. that's "news4 midday."
11:58 am
thank you for joining us everybody. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the day's news. don't forget 3:00, the daily connection. >> yeah, until then, have a terrific day. we will see you in the morning.
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